This experience will give you the chance to escape the modern world and fall into a vintage french atmosphere.
Enjoy a vintage picnic beside my authentic Citroën 2CV, France’s most beloved car and feel like a French star. You will have the opportunity to taste a large variety of local french food and wine, also you will have the great advantage to take plenty pictures alongside my elegant car. Soak up the sun, meet the shadows, sit under olive trees and feel like a native french by playing the most loved provençal outdoor game: Pétanque! Pétanque is a french outdoor sport played in teams, highly appreciated by people looking for non-physical exercise but very captivating and fun for everyone. It can be played at any age and on any surface.
There will be relaxed minds, joyful hearts and full tummies



Is situated on the hill of Mont Boron that has been a major defensive point of Nice since 1560. Be prepared to get amazed by the beauty of this special location that not many tourists know about and get ready to visit the fort of mont-Alban with magnificent panoramic view of Villefranche-sur-mer, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat to the left and Nice to the right.


On top of one of the finest scenic routes in France. With its picturesque small towns and a dream-like coastline, Grande Corniche rates among the most spectacular roads of Southern Europe. You will even see ancient monuments alongside the route.


Beside port Lympia, THIS isn’t really a beach at all – more of a collection of rocks with stone steps and iron ladders down into the water for swimming – but that’s part of its charm. Just a very pretty little spot to swim and enjoy the view of Nice harbour picnicking on a stunning dry and flat bit of rock.

What I’ll provide

* Hamper: Fresh baguettes, types of cheese & ham, quiches, vegetables, fresh fruits, cakes like madeleines, biscuits & jam
* Cushions, mats, cutlery and plates, picnic themed decor.
* Foie gras de canard
* Tomates séchées à tartiner
* Tapende noire
* Cantal, Camembert, les crottins
* Confiture et fruits
* Rosé et boisson artisanale
* Sweet Délicatesse


* Homemade fresh lemonade, water, coffee, finest tea
* Rose wine from Provence
* Comte Delavie Champagne, toast for the planet


This car is the most beloved french car and I am so lucky to own one.

Citroen 2CV or ‘Deux Chevaux’ (short for deux chevaux-vapeur translated as ‘two steam horses’) were produced from 1948 to 1990.
Was hidden from the Nazis.In fact it was believed that only two original prototypes survived and were found again until three more were discovered in a barn in 1994.
They wanted to create a simple and affordable car that small farmers could use instead of the horse and cart still widely used.
The design brief for the car stated that it should be a low-price rugged ‘umbrella on four wheels’ that would allow farmers to transport 50kg of produce to market at speeds of upto 50kph across muddy unpaved roads. It would have to sip fuel at a rate of just 3L/100km. More famously it should be able to carry a basket of eggs across a ploughed field without breaking them!
Most cars at this time had three-speed gearboxes....
It was originally to have lightweight aluminium body work, but after the War aluminium prices skyrocketed and Citroen resorted back to thin steel
Motoring media hated it, then loved it
Slow production capacity meant that within months there was a three-year waiting list going up to five years eventually
James Bond drove one
Very clever suspension setup better than today’s cars
The engine was inspired by a BMW motorcycle , speed the first cars was slow, getting to 40kph in 42.4 seconds and only managing 64kph. Top speeds were up to 84kph in 1962, 100kph in 1970 and finally 115kph in 1981.


* Bring your camera or your phone, dress up comfortably but most importantly do not forget to bring your curiosity and shine.
* Bring any vintage item such as vintage goggles, gloves or sunglasses. Be creative and bring your second outfit to be prepared for an extra session of photography.
* Sun cream and hats.
* Feel free to bring your favorite pet.

Adventure & Freedom

More than just a car! A way of life